talk 2012





BNN conference, Novi Sad, August 2012


Most of my talks are an early phase in the writing of an article. What I show here, is only a selection of those that have not (yet) made it that far. Talks between 2009 and 2015 are listed under `wetenschappelijke lezing‘.

– The tale of two irregular healers (English).

– The witch in the bucket (in Dutch).

– Dutch ghosts (in English).

– Sabbat narratives (also in English).

– Fortune tellers (English).

– Witches in films (English).

see also, for instance, the report of the 2014 AKIH conference (in German)

AKIH 2001




AKIH Tagung, September 2001.
Andreas Blauert, Johannes Dillinger, Wolfgang Behringer, Jürgen Michael Schmidt.